Understanding Fundamental Skills Preview

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Stance, Symmetry and Weight

By shifting weight from one side of the Frame to another, a presenter can use degrees of symmetry to both soften and amplify physicality as they speak.

Finding Diaphragmatic Breath

Different disciplines benefit from targeted breathing patterns. Diaphragmatic Breathing is a pattern that both supports the voice and strengthens the connection between our physicality and our thought process.

The Emotional Center

There is a visceral reaction felt in the body in response to external stimuli, what is referred to in the western tradition as a “gut feeling.” We can use this concept to physically project our own attention, and to insulate ourselves from external attention that feels overwhelming, invasive, or outside our comfort zone.

Understanding Line Focus

Focus and Attention can be given, requested, drawn, and denied by the way the torso of the body is physically oriented in space. Line Focus is a concept word that allows us to articulate the flow of that attention.

Understanding Level

Level is a concept word we can use to describe the elevelation of our Line of Sight in space. Level Dynamics can be influenced by both physical choices and by aspects of an architectural environment.

Understanding Horizontal

Horizontal is a concept word that we can use to describe lateral movement and positioning. This idea can be understood from both the personal and the external perspective.

Understanding Plane

Plane is a concept word that allows us to describe physical positioning forward or backward on a line. This can be travel-focused, moving from one location in space to another, or more localised, inclining or declining the torso in relation to the object of interest.

Understanding Frame and Stance

Frame is a concept word that refers to the physical structure of the body, and Stance is a concept word that describes the width of the Base used to support the Frame. Narrow, Basic, and Wide Stances can be used as a way to soften or amplify physical presence.

Understanding Counterbalance

Counterbalance is a concept word that describes the relationship between the Base and the actions of the torso of the body. Narrow Stances restrict Counterbalanced movement, while Wider Stances increase it.

Understanding Rounded Gesture

Rounded Gesture is a flexible gestural pattern that is supportive of narrative based verbal exchange.

Understanding Linear Gesture

Linear Gesture is a gestural pattern that is supportive of verbal content that is fact-based and direct.

Understanding Vocal Production

Breath, Resonance, Modulation, and Articulation all work together to create speech- and each of these components can be adjusted individually to influence how the voice is perceived by an audience or communication partner.

One Breath, One Thought

A listener finds meaning in the rhythm and patterning of a speaker’s voice. That nonverbal punctuation is communicated by breathing points in speech.