Understanding Full Front Preview

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The Emotional Center

There is a visceral reaction felt in the body in response to external stimuli, what is referred to in the western tradition as a “gut feeling.” We can use this concept to physically project our own attention, and to insulate ourselves from external attention that feels overwhelming, invasive, or outside our comfort zone.

Understanding Line Focus

Focus and Attention can be given, requested, drawn, and denied by the way the torso of the body is physically oriented in space. Line Focus is a concept word that allows us to articulate the flow of that attention.

Understanding Physical Orientation

We can organize the use of Line Focus into five basic Physical Orientations. Full Front, Quarter Turn, Profile, Three-Quarter Turn, and Full Back.

Understanding Quarter Turn

A Quarter Turn is a Physical Orientation that remains attentive, but softens the amount the Line Focus that is given and received. This orientation removes some of the intensity from a communication and is referred to as a “shared position.”

Understanding Profile

Profile is a Physical Orientation that allows for Eye Focus exchange, but does not allow for the exchange of Line Focus. This orientation minimises the impact of attention on the Emotional Center.

Understanding Three Quarter Turn

Three-Quarter Turn is a Physical Orientation that denies Line Focus, but leaves the body open an over-the-shoulder sight line.

Understanding Full Back

Full Back is a Physical Orientation in which there is no Line Focus exchange. Although this orientation can be one of non participation, it can also be used to Point Up an eminent action or build anticipation for a reveal.