Strategic Shorts: Keeping Audience Attention Preview

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Don't let concerns about staying balanced divert your attention from your audience! Consider using counterbalance.

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When speaking at a podium be sure to consider whether your physical communication is meeting audience expectations.

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During your next presentation think about this: does your voice match your body?

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Did you know that even a small shift in the positioning of your chin could be saying something to your audience when speaking? Try using a dropped chin to engage with your audience

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Before speaking in any interaction do you take the time to think about what you want to achieve, or, do you simply think about how you'll start the discussion?

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When you want to share sequences of a story or break down a complex process, how do you keep track of different sections while speaking to an audience or communication partner? Try this simple method the next time you have to speak about multiple ideas.

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How do you keep an audience's attention while speaking? Try using this intentional strategy to keep the focus on your content during any presentation.

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Have you ever really thought about how you STAND while speaking? Discover the Basic Stance and how it can be a useful tool for formal and informal communication.

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Let's talk about our breath. The way we breathe can indicate to our audience that we're rushed, we're nervous, or even unprepared!

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Learn about Linear Gesture. Did you know that gestural patterns can be used to influence your articulation and sentence structure?