Using Elective Gesture

Incorporating Elective Gestures into gestural patterns lends physicality to speech that is open, flexible, and conducive to engagement.

Using Decisive Gesture

Incorporating Decisive Gestures to punctuate and break up gestural patterns amplifies and adds emphasis to content that is direct, factual, or to the point.

An Overview of Gesture

Gestures that are organic and gestures that are deliberate can support meaning making through the employment of basic patterns.

Placing Ideas in Space

We can use our gesture as a tool to shape and then locate components of an idea in space to help our audience better engage with an explanation.

Understanding Rounded Gesture

Rounded Gesture is a flexible gestural pattern that is supportive of narrative based verbal exchange.

Understanding Linear Gesture

Linear Gesture is a gestural pattern that is supportive of verbal content that is fact-based and direct.

The Base to Gesture Relationship

The width of the Base influences the accessibility of gesture in space. Narrow Stances influence gesture to remain close to the torso, whereas Wider Stances encourage gesture to extended out in proportion to the Counterbalance available in the body.

Practicing Extended Gesture

Extended Gesture is a full-bodied approach to gesture that sends physical energy into Counterbalanced space around the body.

Understanding Collected Gesture

Collected Gesture is a reserved approach to gesture that focuses on keeping the energy of the arms and hands weighted and well controlled.

Shaping Ideas with Gesture

Patterns of Rounded and Linear Gesture can be used to help a communication partner perceive an idea by building associations with different shapes in space.