Triangular Focus Relationships

By opening the stance and physical orientation of the body we can create three point focus relationships that allow for more effective and better distributed attention management when engaging with more than one communication partner.

Placing Ideas in Space

We can use our gesture as a tool to shape and then locate components of an idea in space to help our audience better engage with an explanation.

Drop the Chin

Cranial Posture has an effect on vocal production, and the angle of a speaker’s chin in space can be used to strengthen connection with an audience or communication partner.

Selecting Operative Words

When delivering content out loud, we have the power to influence how an audience understands a thought by controlling the Point of Emphasis in each line.

Understanding Point of Influence

Point of Influence is a concept word that describes a fundamental skill deliberately placed at the center of a communication strategy.

Understanding Countering

Countering is a concept word that refers to reactions that are deliberate and considered in place of ones that are arrived at by reflex.

Creating a Listening Body

A Listening Body can be deliberately communicative in response to the verbal content of a communication partner.

Finding a Ready Position

A simple combination of counterbalance and availability to gesture create a Ready Position that is easy to depart from and return to.

Pointing Up

Pointing Up is a concept word that describes cueing an audience toward an eminent action or event.

Countering for an Audience

Countering can be employed to communicate with third party audience observing an interaction between one or more communication partners on stage.