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Video Categories

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Interview Prep

A series of videos to help you prepare for interviews.

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A program orientation to help guide you in your individual learning path within The Human Communication Archive.

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Breath Thought Connection

Breath is a powerful tool that can be used to support speech, power cognition, and guide audience comprehension of verbal content.

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Vocal Production

Articulation, Vocal Placement, and Resonance can be interwoven to add confidence and authority to speech.

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Frame and Stance

The Frame and Stance employed by the body provide physical support that enables the cooperation and interrelationship between all of our communicative systems.

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Physical Orientation

Five basic orientations of the torso in space control how we give attention, how we receive attention, and how we draw attention in a face-to-face interaction.

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Navigating Space

The concepts of Level, Horizontal, Line Focus, and Plane allow us to diagram the physical composition of an in-person communication.

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Using Gesture

Gesture works with our other communicative systems to form a relationship of mutual influence.

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Building Patterns

Fundamental Skills combine to create compound actions and replicable communicative patterns.

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Strategic Development

The framework of a communication strategy can be assembled quickly and with the use of simple, outcome-focused concepts.

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Environments and Stages

The flow of focus and attention are affected by the communicative environment. We can better strategize around an interaction by understanding the basic attention relationships created by common performance venues and stages.

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Presentation Aids

Physical structures, such as the lectern or the podium, create a ceremonial importance that amplifies an audience expectation in a public speaking environment.

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Presenting with a Display

Effective Facilitation of a PowerPoint or a Visual Aid requires that we treat our relationship with the display as a presentation partnership.

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Basic Microphone Technique

Familiarity with amplification equipment and techniques creates flexibility and agency in a performance.

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Performance Prep Routine

An outcome-focused warm up can be composed from a wide set of vocal, mental, and physical exercises.

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Fundamentals for the Seated Frame

The same fundamental skills that govern physical composition can create a communicative advantage in the seated frame.

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Combining Concepts

Advanced communication strategies that compound or combine previously established concepts.

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Cambourne's Conditions of Learning

The career of literacy theorist Dr. Brian Cambourne focuses on the relationship between 8 natural conditions present in an optimal learning environment. In partnership with Dr. Cambourne, we present his model in an adaption that can serve learners, educators, public speakers, and in-person communication partners across any subject or material.

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Tools for Teachers

In-person and remote teaching tools and strategies for teachers across disciplines.

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Strategic Shorts

Strategic Shorts are clips that present important topics and skills to consider in under a minute!